Hello and welcome to my blog, this blog is dedicated especially to women who want to succeed in attain all they can in life. Please feel free to look around read any the resources on the blog if you feel that you can contribute a want ad content and make modifications, please let me know either getting contacts are leave a comment on the page. What makes you happy, as a woman? Hopefully, you already know what makes you happy and what you excel at. If you do the road from here in life is far easier than trying to discover what makes you happy. I really like to promote independence. It’s liberating feeling of freedom. That’s not saying that you shouldn’t have a very strong relationship with your partner, but I also like to know I can do things on my own, discover myself and know I can make it on my own If I have to.


This website is going to cover a vast array of topics from career the relationships but everything altogether should be striving towards greater happiness for a modern independent woman.

I’ll start with a few general generic tips. The first is that you shouldn’t pride yourself on your personality. In fact, some wise people far before our time have stated that you don’t in fact have a personality. Now your immediate reaction maybe to take insult from as it may be seen as a derogatory term. But if you truly understand what it means It’s actually a compliment if it applies to. The way that it is stating the same is the idea that you are the fixed personality the issue that is not able to change in a dynamic way is the wrong way to look at your life. You will go much further in life. If you are a dynamic personality and you can look at yourself and think about your weaknesses and how you can improve it. Self-development is the key to attaining happiness and becoming the person you want to be. I used to be against the whole self-development side of things. Self-development books to me were always something the people who were unsure about themselves and needed help and I didn’t see myself as one most people. The fact is though you missing out on a lot of people who’ve been further through life and the friend I know experiences and if they could feel of their life. What they would do differently and you have the opportunity to take that knowledge and apply to your on my you shouldn’t shun that away. The first thing should do is look at some of your celebrity idols, the successful ones and see what their life tips are it won’t be long before you notice that they have a lot in common. I’ll get more into specific aspects of personal development in most posts. Enjoy your stay


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