Be happy

It goes without saying that everyone wants to be happy. Other posts on the blog have tackled how to improve your happiness in a relationship this is going to talk about how to improve your own happiness without specifically aiming to improve your relationship or marriage. Your relationship should also improve quite a lot if you are a lot happier personally. If you want to be happy you could try this book from amazon

increase your happiness

The most important thing to do is to like yourself. If you like yourself then everything in life seems a lot better. I would even go as far as to say love yourself. You should in my opinion love yourself before you go out looking to love others. Happy is what you are in your natural childhood state. Your happy and playful. You sometimes lose this as you grow older and take on extra responsibilities you lose touch with yourself and only think about the daily chores you have to do. Always make time for yourself and appreciate your self or you will have to look for yourself and look for happiness again. If there is anything in particular that is making you unhappy then you should address it as soon as humanly possible.

Relationships not just with your husband but with your friends are very important. We are social beings and need the company of others to feel happy. We need to share problems and get feedback and praise as well as support from others. You can go a lot further in life if you do things with other people just make sure it’s the right people. Researchers have found that relationships are the strongest external factor that will improve your happiness. You must make time for others if you want to feel happy. Try to improve relationships think of your best friends and think about what they would like to do or how you could make them happy. This will in turn make the relationship stronger.

You job is another hugely important factor that will contribute towards your happiness. Its important to do something you love and have a strong sense of purpose. Being appreciated and made to feel important is one of the strongest human instincts and this can easily be fulfilled at work. The more you love the work you do the greater you will score on the the happiness scale.

Have a positive attitude this will take you a long way especially if you can interpret everything in a positive way. Not only will this make you happier it will also make those happier around you. Some people like to be pessimistic as it keeps them safe. But you should be an optimist and aim higher you will get further with a positive attitude than a negative one.


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