Make your marraige a good one

It goes without saying that everyone wants a happy long marriage finding Mr Right is difficult enough and may feel like winning the lottery is better odds than finding Mr perfect. Well, if you do find someone and decide to settle down with them. The odds of having an amazing wedding are quite high. It can be an exceptional day it might cost a lot but it’s going to be worth it and it will be memorable forever. Of course, much more difficult aspects of a marriage is keeping it happy to the years that follow. I will talk about a few tips that can really help the marriage just remember prevention is always better than cure. If you know how to prevent problems from arising you will have a far better chance of having a long, successful marriage rather than making mistakes and trying to correct them later on.

Fresh off from the wedding with the magic of the honeymoon you may feel incredibly strong together and that nothing could break you apart. Divorce is lasting you would ever think of During this period. But returning back to reality and the day-to-day grind can change things very quickly in a relationship, especially if other things in your life fields are filled, such as your career. Day-to-day difficulties will inevitably crop up, you are two different people and may see many things in a different way and arguments will happen. However, no matter how bad the argument is do not escalate things by mentioning divorce it’s unnecessary and only creates more anxiety. A lot of things are said in arguments that I meant, but something like friend and with divorce will linger for a long time. Try to learn to have constructive dispute resolutions rather than trying to hurt the other person is much as possible. If one person can keep calm and bring the person back down to their level without being condescending It can help the whole process a lot. Just don’t mention divorce in an argument.

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Going back to one of my favourite themes a successful marriage can hinge on your own self-development. You should learn not to criticise and condemn other people. This can be very difficult to do, especially if the other person is at fault. Instead, you can always take a gently caring approach negotiated differences. If someone does something on the relationship don’t shout at them, it’s far better to talk about it in a positive manner and say next time I know you will get it right, rather than why did you get it wrong this time. A relationship should be based upon support. You should also take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. You need to be happy with yourself or you may find yourself take out your misery on your husband.

Get involved with other people should always try and do new and exciting things, but this doesn’t have to be just on your own. Going out on double dates are doing things with a group of friends will keep things more interesting. You may need to be careful with going out with members of the opposite sex depending on who they are and how your relationship is.

Respect your partner. It is often referred to as the principal number one tip for a long and healthy relationship. There is no love without respect. This is particularly important to not undermine your partner in front of children. This will make you feel incredibly small and would definitely cause resentment. As mentioned before you have to be supported in the way that you give criticism. Criticism should generally be avoided, but if it does not happen should try do in the most positive way possible and this may feel more effort, but if you want be happy together, you need to respect your partner and make him happy.


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